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Kaspersky European Partner Conference 2021

As SMBs and Enterprises set aside bigger budgets for security, capture insights from Kaspersky on how to capitalize on the fastest-growing market in IT.

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We are delighted to invite you to participate in the Kaspersky European Partner Conference 2021 – taking place June 16.

Our aim is to share insights on how to make the right decisions to capitalize on new opportunities – enabled by the most tested, most awarded cybersecurity vendor for eight years running.

We are excited to welcome many of our senior leadership team to be with you, including CEO Eugene Kaspersky, Chief Business Officer Alex Moiseev, VP Global Network Evgeniya Naumova, Director of European Operations, Deputy Vice President of Global Sales Network Director European Operations Chris Connell and our European GMs.

Register now to secure your place, save the date in your calendar, and unlock the secrets to greater profitability in the world of cybersecurity.

See you on June 16. Together we grow!